For high growth startups

Elevate your equity game

Effortlessly manage equity ownership, engage key employees, and impress investors with our comprehensive equity management platform.

Simplify your equity distribution

Orchestra’s all-in-one equity ownership platform provides the tools and visibility you need to manage your equity portfolio and communicate with confidence to your investors, all while maintaining your compliance obligations.

Real-time and easy

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and double-handling information. Orchestra saves you hours of work.

Precision and transparency

Gain full visibility over your company's equity. Ensure accurate allocation and reward shareholders fairly.

Motivate and incentivise

Engage your team through an ownership mindset with easily implemented employee share schemes.

Secure collaboration

Send company correspondence and shareholder updates to those invested in your business's success.

Unified cap table

Simplify your cap table

Stay compliant, maintain accuracy and inspire confidence through transparency as your equity ownership evolves.

  • Compliant share register
  • ASIC & NZCO integration
  • Dilution impact
  • Secure source of truth
Share options for employees

Bring your
ESOP to life

Engaged employees will stay longer and contribute to increased productivity and profitability for your scaling business.



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a platform that helps to allocate and track company ownership. High-growth startups need to manage this early on to ensure fair ownership distribution and give potential investors confidence in the business they're investing in.

Why should we switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Orchestra offers automation, precision, and scalability that spreadsheets cannot provide. You also have the ability to track transaction history and store and access documents between you and your investors or employees.

How can Orchestra help to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements?

Orchestra offers built-in compliance requirements and reporting tools to ensure that your equity distribution adheres to legal regulations of your business.

How does Orchestra facilitate communitcation with stakeholders?

Orchestra has an investor app that enables secure and transparent communication with investors and employees about equity changes, financial reports and important company updates.

How hard is it to switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Not hard at all. Depending on the complexity of your share register, you can either do this yourself starting from scratch, or we have an expert team that can facilitate and assist in the transition to make the process smooth.