Employee loans

Empower your team with share purchase loans

Helping fund employees into ownership through a company-provided loan? Streamline your scheme administration and enhance participation in your employee share scheme to help drive an ownership mindset and success.

Simplified loan administration

Managing employee share plans can be complex, especially when it comes to offering loans to help fund employee participation. Employee loans are designed to simplify this process for scheme administrators and provide visibility for shareholders, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your team.

Enhanced financial accessibility

Employees can participate in share plans without the burden of upfront costs. It's easy to issue new loans to individuals or a group of employees by following a simple setup flow.

Define loan value, set the length of the loan and interest rates, and upload supporting documents, all within Orchestra. Orchestra also handles the transfer of shares on the register.

Transaction history transparency

View a detailed record of all loan transactions, from the initial agreement for each employee through to the final repayment. Automatically calculate and record dividend split payments from the dividend feature.

User friendly

Designed with the user in mind, you'll have access to an intuitive interface for loan tracking and ongoing management.

Gayan Perera, Technical Director at Magnetism Solutions



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is Orchestra and why should I use it?

Orchestra is a purpose-built software platform that helps to harmonise equity ownership where it is distributed or complex. Allocating and tracking ownership is easy to administer in Orchestra and we provide a way to seamlessly connect and engage your investors so that they're better connected to your growth and success.

Why should we switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Orchestra offers automation, precision, and scalability that spreadsheets cannot provide. You also have the ability to track transaction history and store and access documents between you and your shareholders.

How can Orchestra help to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements?

Orchestra offers built-in compliance requirements and reporting tools to ensure that your equity distribution adheres to legal regulations of your business.

How does Orchestra facilitate communication with stakeholders?

Orchestra has a shareholder app that enables secure and transparent communication with shareholders, including company updates, financial reports and personalised dividend statements stored securely in an online document vault.

How hard is it to switch from spreadsheets to Orchestra?

Not hard at all. Depending on the complexity of your share register, you can either do this yourself starting from scratch, or we have an expert team that can facilitate and assist in the transition to make the process smooth.