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How do I view company communications sent to me?

When a new communication is sent from a company to its shareholders, they will receive an email notification letting them know. Click on the 'View communication' button to read it, or learn more about how it works.

How do I change my login email address?

The email address you use to log into Orchestra is your username and is unique in the Orchestra system.

Changing the email address you use in Orchestra is a quick three-step process:

1. Login to Orchestra and change your shareholder email address
Sign up using your new email (see below)
3. Email the Orchestra team at from your retired email address to request the closure of your account

What are my shares worth and how do I sell them?

Orchestra predominately works with private companies not listed on a public stock exchange, such as the NZX or ASX. Because of this, there is no publicly available information regarding any recent trading history and what your shares may be worth.

We provide a software platform for companies to manage their share registers, so any questions related to the share price of a private company need to be directed to the company.

A private company may be able to provide information on current share valuation and potential share trading events or facilitate share transfers between shareholders.

If you have shares in a private company, you will need to contact them directly to see how they organise share trading activity. They may run a share trading event or connect individual buyers and sellers. Learn more here.

After a share transfer, an 'Administrator' of the company you have invested in can ensure your shareholding is updated on the share register in Orchestra.

How do I get a statement of holding for my shares?

As an investor, Orchestra has a statement of holdings summary

Can I track investor activity and engagement in the app?

Yes, any company administrator is able to see analytics and reporting tools that allow visibility across who has been sent, received and opened communications you send on behalf of your company.