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Capitalisation (cap) table template

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A cap table is where all the company's securities are listed, including company shares already held by all shareholders (e.g. common shares, preferred shares) and any unissued shares such as options, warrants, convertible/SAFE notes, and so on. It also shows who owns them. The cap table shows each shareholder’s percentage of ownership in the company, the value of their securities, and the dilution over time from events such as funding rounds or the presence of an employee stock options pool (ESOP).

The cap table becomes a blueprint that is key for long-term strategic planning, and without it, it has the potential to decrease the valuation of your company to potential investors, especially if it’s complicated, not presented well and not well-maintained.

You can download our cap table template to help you understand what to include in your cap table, which differs depending on whether you're about to raise capital and what kind of funds you're seeking.

Speak to our team if you'd like to move your cap table online.

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