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Shareholder and Investor Report Template

Luke Smith
Luke Smith

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Sending updates to your stakeholders, including investors and shareholders, at regular intervals is a key way to engage and build trust with them. The better your relationships with your investors, the more likely they are to participate in your next investment rounds and refer you to new potential investors. This downloadable template is designed to help you prepare the content for your regular reporting to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in your business.

Purpose of Investor Reports

  1. To update your investors on how your business is performing
  2. To detail the challenges you are facing
  3. To give a quick summary on your outlook for the future.

Cadence for Investor Reports

Regular updates instil confidence in investors that they are getting a fuller picture of the business. Many small startups send monthly updates covering key areas, while growth or late-stage companies typically send quarterly updates.

Content for Investor Reports

Cover the key metrics

It is important that you identify your key business metrics to report on that are industry standards, or the most meaningful for the stage your business is at. If you are measuring and tracking these weekly or monthly as part of your business, once your first report has been created, it is often a case of just updating figures and entering in key material points around changes or variances.

High level vs detailed

While your shareholders aren’t looking to trawl through your financial information with a fine tooth comb, they certainly aren’t interested in reading through multiple pages of text talking about daily transactions. Finding the right level of details and a balance between numbers and qualitative information is crucial.

Financial information should be centred around core metrics and KPIs, while the wider commentary should be a succinct summary of key points for business development, people, and the product/service pipeline.

Good vs bad news

It is important to remember that investors will be able to tell when something doesn’t look quite right. They are busy people and most prefer direct and honest language, and highlighting the challenges a business faces is often the most appreciated aspect of a report. Being able to firstly identify what challenges the business faces, and also comment on what actions are being taken to solve the issues is important to include.

Storing and Communicating Investor Reports

It is essential to keep track of all the updates, reports and communications that you send to shareholders and investors. In many countries, companies have a legal obligation to do this- for example, New Zealand companies must keep all written communications with shareholders for at least 7 years.

Orchestra allows companies to store documents in secure online folders and to send shareholder communications from within the platform. Shareholders are notified by email when communications are published, and the documents will also be accessible from within the platform by both company administrators and shareholders, fulfilling the legal requirement to do so.

Download investor report template

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