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Share Transfer Form for NZ Companies

Luke Smith
Luke Smith

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Transferring Shares in NZ Companies

For private New Zealand companies a signed share transfer form is required to transfer shares between a Seller (Transferor) and a Buyer (Transferee).

New Zealand shareholders need to be aware that the constitutions of many limited liability companies contain pre-emptive rights which require that a transferor offers shares for transfer to other existing shareholders before those shares can be offered to third parties or new shareholders.

If the shares are being sold to a new shareholder, to bind the new investors to the existing shareholders agreement, a deed of accession should be signed. Once they have signed this, the new shareholder is required to comply with the shareholders agreement’s provisions.

Share Transfer Form

Orchestra provides private companies who are customers with an example share transfer form which they can use as a template to facilitate share transfers between their investors. Using the new e-signature tool in Orchestra, companies can complete the transfer easier and faster by uploading their share transfer form into Orchestra’s document signing tool, setting up the document details and then sharing with the Buyers, Sellers and witnesses for e-signatures.

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