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Orchestra refreshes brand to reflect commitment to private companies everywhere

Renee Jameson
Renee Jameson

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In a world where private companies are the driving force behind economic growth, innovation, and job creation, we understand all business leaders' challenges: having the time to be effective in execution and having a committed team on the journey with you.  

More private businesses are opting for distributed ownership with the increase in equity financing, access to the private capital markets, and the growth of employee share ownership. 

Managing that ownership across more stakeholders is more complex and time-intensive. 

But it doesn’t need to be. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil our brand refresh, carefully designed to reflect our commitment to championing private companies by streamlining equity management. 

Re-introducing Orchestra

Although a lot has changed on the outside, our core beliefs and high-calibre app experience remain the same; we have just adopted a better visual and verbal style to showcase what these are. 

We want our first impression to be lasting, so we teamed up with the experts at Edition Studio to ensure the visual elements that make up our brand were exactly right. 

“The last few years have been a huge period of growth and evolution. We have successfully delivered a unique service offering to a range of industry sectors across New Zealand and Australia. We’ve earned a stellar reputation, and now it’s time our brand and visual identity reflects that, and acts as a platform for further growth” – Renee Jameson, Chief Marketing Officer.

We wanted our logo to stand out and immediately impact our audience. 

That’s why it embodies the essence of ‘harmonious ownership’, featuring an upward pointing arrow, symbolising growth and investment, and also highlights the significance of individual ‘spokes’ contributing to a greater whole–each ‘spoke’ represents the different support needed across founders, leadership, employee owners, investors and advisors to succeed. 

This idea around shared success has been adopted across our new website, from our refreshed colour palette and updated logo to modern design elements to ensure a professional, contemporary appearance that reflects the importance of humans who make private companies succeed and the technology that makes harmonious ownership happen. 

We’re committed to raising the bar to encourage and enable more business equity ownership, whether through business leaders, employees, investors or business advisors. 

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