Secondary Share Trading

Simplify secondary
share trading

A platform that empowers you to run trading events for private securities.

Unlock the power of private markets

Discover how to make your securities accessible by providing liquidity and empowering your investors like never before.

Simple access to trading events.

Open the doors to a broader audience of investors through share trading events that are run electronically in an intuitive marketplace online.

Enjoy greater flexibility and control.

You can create a marketplace to buy and sell shares without waiting for an exit event like an IPO. You decide when & how often to open share trading activity in an environment controlled by you with flexible pricing mechanisms.

Administration is taken care of.

All AML obligations, handling of funds, and the share transfer process are all completed, removing the administration burden for you and your team.

Toby Littin, CEO of Parkable



Have questions?
We have answers.

What is a secondary share trading platform?

Orchestra's secondary share trading platform is an online marketplace where investors can buy and sell shares of privately held companies. It allows individuals to trade shares in private companies without needing a traditional initial public offering (IPO) or direct investment from venture capitalists.

How does Orchestra's secondary share trading platform work?

Orchestra's secondary share trading platform connects buyers and sellers of private company shares. Sellers list their shares on the platform, and buyers can browse available shares, place orders, and execute transactions. Orchestra facilitates the transfer of ownership and ensures a secure and transparent process.

Who can use Orchestra's secondary share trading platform?

The buyers and sellers on a company's unique secondary share trading platform are at the discretion of the company representative, which will require the Board's approval.

Is it safe to trade shares on a secondary share trading platform?

Yes, Orchestra prioritises security and compliance. We partner with Snowball Effect (an FMA-licensed provider), which handle all AML obligations, handling of funds, and the share transfer processes.

What does it cost to set up a secondary share trade on Orchestra?

The cost of setting this up varies depending on the size and complexity of the secondary share trading requirements. Speak to our team to learn more.